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Bill Roberts, Berkeley Historical Society and Museum Archivist and Mundstock Committee Chair,
in front of the David Mundstock collection.


This site is based on the David Mundstock collection, now at the Berkeley Historical Society & Museum, a collection which is exciting and daunting at the same time. His collection of election-related materials presents us with a reservoir of documents and posters which will provide a deep source of rich information for decades. Our committee has really only scratched the surface of the materials available. Yes, the posters Mundstock preserved are the visual side of what he collected, but the paper documents, not necessarily so eye-catching, document the political scene at a much deeper level.

I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Mundstock Committee. Each has been a vital part of this exhibit by their willingness to participate and their contributions based on their historical knowledge, their knowledge of Mundstock, their perception of the issues involved, and of course their practical knowledge in mounting this exhibit.

Bill Roberts, Mundstock Committee Chair

Mundstock Committee:

John Aronovici, design

Jeanine Castello-Lin, content

Ann Harlow, editor

Lincoln Cushing, content

Bill Roberts, Chair

Tonya Staros, web design

Chuck Wollenberg, content

Lincoln Cushing, content

Tama Spencer, content

Veterans Memorial Building — home of the Berkeley Historical Society & Museum


The Committee is grateful for the contributions of the following consultants:

Stephen Barton, Ph.D. UC Berkeley in Regional Planning, has served as director of the Housing Department for the City of Berkeley and deputy director of its Rent Stabilization Program. He is currently president of the Bay Area Community Land Trust. 

Shirley Dean: After founding the Bonita-Berryman Neighborhood Association in the 1960s, Dean worked for passage of the 1974 Landmarks Preservation Ordinance. She served on Berkeley’s City Council from 1975-1982 and from 1986-1994. Dean was elected mayor of Berkeley in 1994 and served until 2002.

Tamara Nicoloff Haw: As a young person, Haw participated in the campaigns of her mother, Martha Nicoloff, to preserve and improve the character of Berkeley’s neighborhoods, including passage of the 1973 Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance. Tamara also worked on her mother’s two campaigns for city council.

Marty Schiffenbauer: Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Schiffenbauer played a major role in several successful residential and commercial rent control initiatives, and in 1982 he was responsible for the initiative that switched Berkeley’s municipal election date from April to coincide with November general elections. 

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